EU inbjuder till studiebesök på ITER

Dear media representative,

with the ITER project making visible progress, we would like to invite you to see the construction site in Southern France with your own eyes and to get the latest information on the world’s largest international scientific collaboration first-hand. The ITER Organization offers then media representatives a two-day program that includes a commented tour of the work site, as well as in-depth information on the science, engineering and the organization of the ITER Project.
We offer ten media representatives a two-day package that includes:
  • a two-day program with an on-site tour, lectures and interviews;
  • visit of industrial company CNIM, Toulon;
  • hotel accommodation for two nights in Aix-en-Provence;
  • all meals;
  • transport from the hotel to ITER Headquarters and back (you have to organise and pay your travel back and forth to Aix-en-Provence).
Attached please find the program which provides detailed information on the status of the ITER Project, its goals, objectives and challenges. We look forward to taking our guests on an extended tour of the construction site where the foundation works for the ITER machine and its support facilities are in full swing. We also offer the chance to visit the industrial firm of CNIM in Toulon where 70 of the massive radial plates for ITER’s magnet system are currently taking shape.


Press trip to ITER 

12-13 May 2014 

ITER Headquarters 

Day 1 

9:00 Opening by Michel Claessens, Head of Communication 

9:05 Welcome from ITER Deputy Director-General Sergio Orlandi 

The status of the ITER project 

9:30 Jean Jacquinot, Advisor to the Director-General 

Why Fusion? 

10:15 Site tour (with Laurent Schmieder) 

12:00-13:30 Lunch at Canteen 

13:30 Mario Merola, Head of Internal Components Division 

The engineering challenge of building ITER 

14:00 René Raffray, Blanket Section Leader 

The ITER blanket system or how to produce fusion power 

Coffee break 

14:45 Carlos Alejaldre, Deputy Director-General 

ITER – Safety Characteristics of the First Fusion Machine undergoing Full Nuclear License 

15:30 Ken Blackler, Head of Assembly and Operations Division 

ITER Assembly – the world’s largest puzzle 

16:15 Visit to the Tore Supra Tokamak (CEA) 

19:30 Reception/dinner in Aix-en-Provence 

Day 2 

9:00 Visit to ITER 3D virtual reality room (design integration) 

10:00 Manufacturing activities of ITER (video), with representatives of the 7 ITER Domestic Agencies 

11:00 Henrik Bindslev, Director, F4E, and representatives of 3 companies 

Europe’s contribution to ITER and the role of industry 

12:30 Lunch at ITER canteen 

13:30 Buses leave to Toulon (visit of CNIM) 

18:00 END

Applications should be sent to the Head of ITER Communication, Michel Claessens ( All applications will be treated on a first-come, first-served basis.
ITER—designed to demonstrate the scientific and technological feasibility of fusion power—will be the world’s largest experimental fusion facility. Fusion is the process that powers the sun and the stars: when light atomic nuclei fuse together to form heavier ones, a large amount of energy is released. Fusion research is aimed at developing a safe, abundant and environmentally responsible energy source.
ITER is also a first-of-a-kind global collaboration. Europe will contribute almost half of the costs of its construction, while the other six Members to this joint international venture (China, India, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the Russian Federation and the USA), will contribute equally to the rest. The ITER Project is under construction in Saint Paul-lez-Durance, in the south of France.
More information on ITER can be found at:
Michel Claessens, Ph D
Head of Communication and External Relations
Office of the Director-General
ITER Organization, Building HQ/552, ODG, Communication
Route de Vinon sur Verdon – 13115 St Paul Lez Durance – France
Phone: +33 4 42 17 66 13
Mobile: +33 6 14 16 41 75
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