Eusjaresa till Prag och forskningsanläggningen ELI (Extreme Light Infrastructure) 18–20 oktober 2015

The Czech association is organising the study trip to a venue over Prague (October 18-20).
15 journalists are invited. The organizers will cover 2 night accomodation and meal. Journalists must take care of their travel.

Intresserade mailar kaianders.sempler@nyteknik före 5 september.

Journalists will participate to opening of multifunctional building of ELI Beamlines as well as visit the construction site of laser and experimental building of the same large as two football pitches. The project ELI (Extreme Light Infrastructure) is a European plan to build a new generation of large research facilities selected by the European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures (ESFRI). The main goal of ELI is to create the latest laser equipment in the world. ELI will also be an attractive platform for educating a new generation of PhD. students, scientists and engineers. The Czech Republic will become the host country for the top international research, which may attract further investment in advanced technologies with high added value.
The meeting is organized with research leaders such as Bed?ich Rus, Georg Korn, Bruno LeGarrec, also with project manager Roman Hv?zda – there will be the opportunities for interview.
ELI Beamlines research activities are Lasers;X-ray Sources Driven by Ultrashort Laser Pulses; Particle Acceleration by Lasers; Applications in Molecular, Biomedical, Material Sciences; Plasma and High Energy Density Physics; Exotic Physics and Theory.
About ELI:

The venue is a bit similar to Stockholm Hagastaden we visited last March. Dolni Brezany just next to Prague is rapidly developing area – that is why also the mayor of Dolni B?ežany Mr. Vnislav Michalík is looking forward to meet journalists in the city hall there and give them wide information about the advantages of research infrastructure.
The detailed programme will be sent out later.