Inbjudan till Sustainability Science Congress 22–24 oktober 2014 i Köpenhamn

Följande inbjudan har kommit via Eusjas danska representant Jens Degett:

Dear science journalists,

We invite you to participate in this year’s Sustainability Science Congress on October 22nd to 24th taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark. See

A coalition of top research universities from all continents (IARU) is organising a major solutions orientated conference on global challenges for sustainable development. The congress is a follow-up from the inaugural climate congress held in 2009 in conjunction with COP-15.

Scientists from more than 50 countries have already signed up to discuss global challenges and sustainable solutions. You can get the latest insight on water and food security, biodiversity, urbanisation, global governance, sustainable economy and other fundamental issues for sustainable development. A brief overview is attached.

The coming together of disciplines to address society’s most urgent challenges, represents a paradigm shift in the scientific community, as it breaks with a long tradition for working separately. The congress is unique in this way, inviting experts across the natural, social, medical sciences and the humanities to create a stronger and more holistic response to the societal need for sustainable solutions. This is fundamental for the emerging field of sustainability science and a highly interesting trend in itself.

The political interest is high (Danish Prime Minister, EU Climate Commissioner, Danish minister for Climate, Energy and Building, Executive Director of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network Guido Schmidt-Traub and more). The Congress is also running back-to-back with the Global Green Growth Forum -3GF.

The press has free entry when registered in advance and by show of press card at the door

Press tours are available focusing on Danish sustainable solutions.

We welcome enquiries on interviews with speakers in advance.

We hope to see you there!

Elisabeth Wulffeld

Head of Communications

Global Challenges: Achieving Sustainability

IARU Sustainability Science Congress

22 -24 October 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark

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